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Amikor igazán öröm a magyar QSO !!
« Dátum: 2010 Április 14, 17:12 »
A QRP-L levelező listán olvastam az alábbi élménybeszámolót :)

Éljen a QRP !!!

From: Rob Steenburgh <rasteenb@yahoo. com>
Subject: Re: [Rock-Mite_Group] First DX!
To: Rock-Mite_Group@ yahoogroups. com
Date: Sunday, April 11, 2010, 9:15 AM

Hi Jim:

Details...Sorry, I probably should have included those to begin with :)

QTH = Houston, TX
Band = 30m
Freq = 10.106 MHz
Ant = End Fed Half Wave in a tree outside my 2nd floor Apartment
PWR = 500mW - running 2N2219A on a 12V DC power supply

Other details:
11 Apr 2010, 0104 UTC
(Sunset here yesterday was at 1946 CDT or 0046 UTC)
Solar Flux 75 and an active region over 10 millionths of the visible solar hemisphere

I am trying to get a global TEC (total electron content) map for the time period because I'd like to see any gradients that were present.

Here's a description of the event I wrote to a friend last night:

"...I hear this DX pileup(when many stations are fighting to contact the DX station). I listen and it'sHA3FTA,
Ferenc in Hungary. He's sending fast 25+ wpm, but he was right on my
frequency, which is important if you're crystal controlled ("rock
bound") and can't move around.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity so I start
trying to get him. Of course there are stations just stomping all over
my little signal. But, they said these radios take patience and
persistence, so I keep trying. I increase my speed to match his and
look for a window of opportunity.

there is a break in the frenzy and I shoot my call into the ether. He
heard me! - "KA8?" he calls - "de KA8JBY KA8JBY KA8JBY" I answer, "de
KA8JBY KA8JBY KA8JBY" but I stumble a few times because I'm so keyed
up. (hehe, keyed-up, Morse code, hehe)

He calls back "KA8JB de
HA3FTA 559 559 BK". Oh %$#$! - he didn't hear the last letter but it
was my turn, "599 599 de KA8JBY KA8JBY" and he said "QSL" and went back
to running the pileup. I wish I'd sent at least a "TU es 73" but I was
worried he'd never get my whole call.

So my little Rock-Mite (RM) sent a signal 5765 miles away for 11530 miles per Watt! Not only that, but I managed to sneak in through the pileup with my dinky radio. Shortly after the contact I posted a "spot" on DX Summit. "

So there you have it. I could hardly send I was so excited. I have to get a card in the mail this week. This is quite possibly the most fun I've had with radio since I was a Novice in 1980.